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~Eddie, you are always here, concerned about details and keeping us on your calendar. Every employee who works for you guys is a top notch man with character!

Marc, you are energy and we are so proud to be called your friend. Your creativeness and quality is your calling card!

Thanks you both and all the guys so much for their beautiful work!

Dear Eddie and Marc, We live in such a busy world that I wanted to stop and take the time to tell you how much we value the entire Halaby family! Emmanual and Emilio just left and their work is amazing, as well as

~Upon introduction to his wife....."This is Marc Halaby, the finest painting contractor in Southern California, did I mention he's not the least expensive!?" Mark Singer

~I have to say "this is the finest paint job I've seen!" (Referring to the residence at China Cove, Corona Del Mar Thomas Jakway, Architect

~Marc, your guys are all doing a great job under difficult circumstances. You are to be commended! Bruce Dwyer, Mark Falcone Builders

~Up at the Laguna Niguel project, calling with nothing better then to tell you how great all looks, your guys are amazing craftsmen!

~We are so lucky to have a subcontractor of your caliber, manage a job while we are out of town, only to return to a clean, organized and beautiful home, well done! Lawry Luxury Property Management & Concierge, Dana Point

~Thank you so much Marc ,for your advice, time, and the expert quality that you put into all the gilding plaster and paint throughout our home. We get so many compliments on our Walnut dining room. You understood what we were imagining and made it beyond believable! Ron and Shelly (Pelican Hill)

~We were able to comfortably remain in our home throughout the renovation project. Halaby's ingenious use of secured plastic curtains with full-length zippers allowed us to move easily throughout the house, yet still contain the dust that is is such an irritable but unavoidable part of any renovation project.

~Halaby's crew supervisor kept us informed on a daily basis. We always knew what the weekly schedule was and who was golng to be on the job. They were respectful of us, our neighbors, and our home: and we can sincerely say that they were true professionals from beginning to end. Naomi

~The time the crew devoted to prepping for the paint was invaluable. The painted woodwork is as smooth as glass. Janne, Laguna Beach

~Yes, we are all happy... Halaby Restoration did a great job! Thank you for your professionalism throughout. I look forward to staying in touch. Vanessa , Greystone Mansion

~I have to say the job looks GREAT! Don Gave us the opportunity to see the house a few weeks ago, before the furniture and final touches, I was in awe of your fine craftmanship. Thank you all, for making this look so good. Charis, McKeehan construction